Monday, April 11, 2011

Patrick Toney . Living Statue . Street Performer

Patrick Toney
Living Statue . Street Performer

Patrick is an incredible person and was gracious enough to allow me to follow him around for a day.   He is a street performer working as a weathered statue in Seattle, WA.  He can be found outside of the West Lake Center and around town during events.   In addition to his performance work, Patrick is also a talented artist, musician and an all around nice guy.  You can find out more about his music at

Why I started the project:

My background in photography is photojournalism.  Since I haven’t found a newspaper to call my own, I have tried different venues of photography over the past three years with little luck.   I have wanted to get back into creating stories with my images, shooting for content with a deeper meaning and not just for visual appeal.   I have also wanted to invest time in long-term documentary stories.  I’ve never been much of a writer so I decided to start working on a series of short multimedia pieces for the year of 2011 - a character series.  

I’ve paired still images with audio and some film clips to create the following video.    It is the first multimedia piece I have ever attempted and in the process I have learned a lot and realized just how much more I need to learn.   I am excited to start sharing these stories with you.   I hope to create at least ten similar pieces.  Please feel free to like, share, tweet the project if you enjoy what you see.    Feedback is also welcome; let me know what you think.    Thank you.  I appreciate you taking to view my work.        


  1. Estas personas que hacen de estatuas, tienen unbuen dominio de sus movimientos, ya que cuando se está tantas horas quieto debe invadir el cansancio.


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  2. brilliant image- love the idea of this project. great to meet you on set at the creative live event. PDLS is so damn inspiring. love your work, Linda

  3. This is very nice top see. Thank you very much for posting it to the Internet. You have a great talent and I'm glad you are sharing it. The Green Man Living Statue is a neat subject. He adds a degree of class and diginty to Westlake and I'm glad you captured his character for the rest of the WWW to see/hear. (Hear? Yes ! Now I know he has a voice too !) :) Thanks much for your commitment to sharing your work.