Monday, July 9, 2012

San Juan Islands Solo

Nearly two years have passed since I left guiding.   At times, I feel like I have a difficult time translating that life into my current day to day in Seattle.   In an attempt to infuse the confidence and passion for life I had as a guide, I took an impromptu solo paddling trip to the San Juan Islands.   It wasn't remote, it wasn't Alaska, but I was able to once again time my day with the tides, my meals when I was hungry, my clothing to the weather and my sleep when I was tired.   I disconnected from my six or so forms of social media and listened to the birds, the sound of harbor porpoise breathing and the flow of turning breeze.   Simple pleasures.  

Take time in life to do the things you love for they build the character of your identity, or, at least they should.   

Clouds in the water.

Morning fog.  Near Friday Harbor.

Watching the fog lift.   A shadow of another island begins to emerge.



Jones Island


Neighbor.  Greg.

Neighbor.  Eric.

9:15 pm PST

9:17 pm PST





Thursday, July 5, 2012

Christy and Pablo

I do not typically shoot engagements, but I could not resist spending an afternoon photographing my lovely housemate Christy and her fiance Pablo.  They are a beautiful couple and wonderful friends.    

Good luck kids!