Monday, January 27, 2014

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Smith Rock

Climbing in the high desert of Oregon. 

My air conditioning has been broken for about three years.   So, about a month ago I took my Subaru in for a tune-up.   I looked at the mechanic, and stated that although no one in Seattle actually needs A/C, I would be heading out on a few climbing trips to the desert.  I pleaded kindly that the unit be in perfect shape.  The cold air never came, but we embarked on our trip with windows down and giddy enthusiasm for a place that would leave us utterly twitterpated with welded tuff and basalt.   

Many thanks to Phong Duong and Arie Voorman who set the routes, to Kara McKay for her awesome attitude and Charlie for sloppy kisses.   



Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mailbox Peak. Snoqualmie

For the first time I decided not to bring my DSLR with on a hiking trip.   It was more or less a decision about weight.   Did I want to pack a 24-70 L series lens up to Mailbox?  No, not really.    So, I took along my smart phone and decided to do a post with B&W Instagram photos.     Simple and square, a new way of viewing the area.   I tried to take only a few frames of each image to practice good composition and light selection.  Luckily, the weather produced some beautiful clouds to work with the gradation from black to white.     

This quick day project was a good exercise in using what I had to make some beautiful images.   Did I miss my DSLR? Yes, for two reasons: the variability with focus and exposure control were both difficult to work with.   All in all, a pretty wonderful day.   



Photo by a lovely lady whose name I cannot remember.  

A splash of color just for good measure.  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

PayScale Movember - Before

For my Dad and brothers, friends and lovers.   Movember

PayScale, the company I work for, participates each year in Movember.   This year the team is the PayStachios.  

Each member of the team is fundraising for the fight against testicular cancer.   As they raise funds, they grow a mustache during the month of November.   These are the before pictures.   The photos were taken in our lunch area against the PayScale red wall with beautiful Seattle rainy day side lighting.     No portrait studio setup needed.  

If you are interested in donating, you can view the team here:

Patrick Lowndes - Account Executive

Ryan Moore - Research Analyst, Ginger

Brian Steel - Social Media Manager

Adam Phillabaum - Senior Program Manager *Team Captain

John Lynch - Systems Administrator

Blake Martin - Account Executive

Jon Lanman - Manager of Demand Generation

Chris Schave - Account Executive II

Finn Andersen - Senior Account Executive

Brian Wallace - Account Executive II

Mark Phair - Software Engineer

Alex D'Angelo - Senior Software Engineer

Jordan Beherndt - Account Executive

Joining this year as a Mo'Sista
Kaylyn Messer - Account Manager  (Photo by: Chris Schave)
(Photo by: Chris Schave)