Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cherry Blossoms

I wanted to try and visually represent the feeling of a spring morning; a crisp breeze flowing through fresh blossoms, collecting and mixing a momentary perfume that you hold in a breath, trying to record it's unique notes and subtle tones.   Memories.  

I shot these images by flipping my lens backwards and holding it up to the camera body.   This method turned my 24-70mm into an extreme macro with a very shallow depth of field.   I used a slower shutter speed to allow the blossoms to blur slightly in the wind.  


  1. Beautiful! You're so creative...I love the whispiness of it!

  2. Again...i love these! You did such a good job :]

    I just remembered in critique that you said that although you weren't big into editing, that these had been edited. And I forgot to ask you what you actually did with? (was it just the cropping?)

  3. The exposure, blur and color were all captured in camera. I did crop the white print quite a bit and used the recovery tool to bring a little bit of the highlights back. The dark print was flipped from a vertical to a horizontal. Overall, very little post production.

    Thanks for checking them out!