Monday, September 6, 2010

Black and Brown Bear Research

I volunteered late last month with Tania Lewis of Glacier Bay National Park to assist her in collecting hair samples for DNA research as well as recording track and scat patterns in Glacier Bay to identify species distribution in the park.    Here are the photos that resulted from the trip.   Images are property of the US National Park and cannot be used for profit.  

 Sow with a spring cub. 


Tracks:   Image 1:  Whale grease print on a rock.   Image 2: Print in gravel.    Image 3: Hind print in sand.  Image 4: Front print in silt.  

Tania collecting hair for DNA

Guard hair is collected by placing wire on known rub trees.

Bark polished and smooth on a rub tree branch.

Soap berries are a main staple in the diet.   Before and after image.

We stayed at the Back Country ranger cabins during the three-day field study.